5 Different Ways to Use CBD Oil

5 Different Ways to Use CBD Oil

If you have a bottle of CBD oil at home, you’re already educated on its primary benefits: to help ease anxiety, reduce muscle and joint pain and promote better sleep, among others. But did you know that CBD oil can be used to solve a variety of everyday issues—like that pimple that just reared its head. Read on for all of the ways you can incorporate CBD Oil into your daily routine.


No one is immune to a zit. Even if you’re a stay at home overachiever who tends to your skin daily, pimples happen. Stress, anxiety, excess oil production and hormones can all cause imbalances in the skin, which can eventually lead to a breakout. When applied topically, CBD’s natural anti-inflammatory properties can help reduce redness and irritation around the pimple so it looks less obvious (hello, Zoom meeting). Additionally, CBD oil can help reduce and balance sebum production, which can help prevent breakouts.


With all the hand washing and sanitizing happening right now, your hands are taking a beating, especially your cuticles. Hand creams are wonderful moisturizers and will temporarily help with dryness, but they won’t do too much for your cuticles. CBD oil is rich in essential fatty acids, which help to increase hydration, smooth and condition the skin’s surface, as well as soothe and calm redness. Regularly applying a drop or two of CBD oil to the cuticles will result in noticeable, lasting improvements (and end any temptation to pick).



If you experience dandruff or an irritated scalp, CBD oil may just be your crowning glory. Most experts believe the cause of dandruff is the result of yeast on the scalp. Some people are more sensitive to this particular type of yeast, which can cause inflammation and an overgrowth of skin cells that eventually shed and become dandruff. Oftentimes, redness and irritation accompany dandruff because of scratching. CBD oil works two fold: Its anti-inflammatory properties help soothe and calm redness and irritation on the scalp, and its mild antifungal benefits help reduce the amount of yeast present on the scalp.


Nothing substitutes a trip to the dentist when you experience tooth pain or gum soreness. But as you wait for your appointment (and right about now, you may have to wait quite a while), dabbing some CBD oil directly onto the sore spot can alleviate and soothe discomfort. CBD’s anti-inflammatory properties can help soothe redness associated with sore gums. Likewise, swirling the oil in your mouth for a few minutes can also temporarily alleviate mild issues.


It’s a real thing—sore thumbs from overtexting. And with so many of us currently working from home, text thumb may become ‘typing fingers.’ When your fingers feel sore from spending too much time on your smartphone or laptop, nothing beats a quick massage with some CBD oil. The pain relieving properties of CBD work quickly to relieve joint pain and help you get back to being (computer) active. One of our favorite products is our CBD Roll On Oil Lavender. It’s easy to apply (roll it right over your fingers) and delivers pinpointed results.

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