CBD Bath Bombs: Making 2021 Better Already

CBD Bath Bombs: Making 2021 Better Already

Posted by Julie Davis on Dec-10-2020

We have no idea what 2021 has in store. We just hope it’s not a repeat of 2020. But if there’s one thing we can bank on for the first few months of the new year, it’s that we’ll still be spending pretty much all of our time at home.

Home: where our days are filled with video conferencing, online schooling and hourly fridge raiding; and our nights involve having dinner delivered and binge watching anything to take our mind off this new normal.

Now, eating a meal with no dishes to clean then watching three episodes of our favorite new crime series in one sitting may sound like a great way to relax and unwind. But it’s not exactly doing our body or brain any favors. That’s where CBD bath bombs have come to the rescue.


A few nights per week, we’ve recently swapped staring at our tv screen for immersing ourselves in something far more blissful: a warm bath with our CBD Bath Bombs. Infused with CBD and made of soothing, all-natural ingredients like coconut oil, mineral salts, essential aromatic oils and shea butter, our bath bombs deliver just what the mind and body needs at the end of a stressful day.


Not only are CBD bath bombs perfect for a sumptuous soak, they’re literally bursting with beautiful colors and tingly effervescence. Just watching one melt away in the tub is therapy enough. But the CBD bath bomb benefits don’t stop there.


Studies have shown that CBD works wonders on your skin, helping it look and feel softer. In fact, the American Academy Of Dermatology has suggested that CBD could help manage skin issues like acne, eczema and psoriasis. CBD may also help reduce pain and inflammation, while lowering anxiety and stress—even more so when combined with a warm bath and a playlist of relaxing tunes.

And let’s not forget the most important benefit of a CBD bath bomb soak: alone time. Nowadays, with everyone home all the time, it can be a real challenge to escape for some much-needed self care. Twenty minutes in the tub is all it takes to find relief, clear your head and imagine a better (waaaay better) tomorrow.

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