CBD Products that Pull Double Duty

CBD Products that Pull Double Duty

Posted by Victor Madril on Apr-28-2020

When it comes to self-care, there’s a product for everything—something to wash your face, to moisturize your skin, to cleanse your hands, to help style your hair … the list goes on and on. It can get a little overwhelming (that’s a lot of product), not to mention a little crammed (unless you have some serious bathroom storage).

But what if we told you several of our CBD products pull double (even triple) duty, meaning they do more than their intended use? We call them the ultimate multitaskers. They help you save time, money and room in your bathroom cabinet or drawer. Read on to see which of your favorite CBD For Life products live double lives.

CBD Face and Body Cleanser > Shaving Cream and Hand Wash

Our CBD Face and Body Cleanser excels at deep cleaning the skin, removing dirt, oil and makeup like a champ. But it also works wonders as a shaving cream and hand wash. Thanks to its rich, creamy texture, our CBD Face And Body Cleanser creates a perfect base for shaving. Even better, ingredients like willowbark and CBD keep irritation (like razor bumps and burn) at bay. In a pinch, it also makes an excellent hand soap. CBD has natural antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. Couple that with our cleansers creamy, hydrating base and you get clean hands that won’t succumb to dryness or irritation.

CBD Face Cream

CBD Face Cream > Face Mask

Our CBD Face Cream is loaded with skin-soothing CBD and moisture-boosting hyaluronic acid, which attracts and binds 1000x its weight in water. Needless to say, it’s extremely hydrating. Once or twice a week, try applying our CBD Face Cream as a mask. Evenly slather a generous amount over clean skin and let it sit for 15 to 20 minutes. Wipe clean with a damp face cloth or just rub it in. Your skin will reward you with the most glorious glow.

CBD Oil > Zit Zapper

Most of you drop our CBD Oil under your tongue to help induce a feeling of calm or ease chronic pain. But did you know that CBD oil, with its natural anti-inflammatory properties, makes for a highly effective zit zapper? Dab it directly onto pimples to help calm redness and irritation associated with breakouts. Additionally, CBD can help reduce and balance sebum production, which can help prevent future breakouts.

CBD Lip Balm

CBD Lip Balm > Cuticle Softener

With a base of coconut oil and an ingredient list rich in CBD, shea butter and hemp seed oil, our CBD Lip Balm is the bomb at soothing dry, chapped lips. Try massaging it over rough cuticles. It melts right in, delivering the same soothing and softening benefits as it does for the lips.

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