Don't Leave Home Without It: CBD On The Go

Don't Leave Home Without It: CBD On The Go

Posted by Julie Davis on Sep-24-2020

After being stuck at home for what seemed like an eternity, whether following shelter-in-place orders or working from our office in the linen closet (hey, it beats the water closet), we’re taking full advantage of every opportunity to get out of the house. We’ll gladly follow mask and distancing guidelines if it means we can hit the mall for an hour, visit with family or even go out to dinner.

But our newfound sense of freedom has brought feelings of anxiety and stress along for the ride (like two toddlers having a meltdown in the back seat, it’s impossible to just tune them out.) But you can certainly turn up the calm and make the most of your adventure. With these CBD products at your fingertips, you can get through the day safe and worry-free. Here’s what we won’t leave home without:


Infused with CBD and essential oils, like lavender and lemongrass, our take-anywhere CBD Roll-On Oils provide on-the-spot relief. The lavender scent is not only wonderful at reducing aches and pains, but the aromatherapeutic scent itself helps to soothe and calm you as you inhale. Just gently roll some up the back of your neck or under your wrists and let the calm take over.


Yes, we’re wearing masks, but before you head into the grocery store, three pumps of our CBD Oral Spray under the tongue can help reduce the worry. When sprayed under the tongue, the CBD is quickly absorbed through the capillaries, which provide a direct route to the bloodstream for faster and more immediate results.


When COVID hit, we wanted to do our part to help keep people safe. So we rolled up our sleeves and developed hand sanitizers that not only eliminate 99.99% of germs and bacteria, they also keep your skin moisturized using hemp seed extract and aloe leaf juice. Available in Three Sizes, the Hand Sanitizing Spray doubles as a surface spray while the travel size Hand Sanitizing Gel is ideal for handbags and car consoles.


Yes, we’re wearing masks but as the weather gets colder you’re still going to encounter dry, chapped lips. Our CBD Lip Balm is a skin-conditioning blend of CBD, coconut oil and castor seed oil to help soothe and soften. For best results, start applying to your lips before the cold weather strikes to prevent them from cracking out all together.

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