Your Guide To Staying Focused

Your Guide To Staying Focused

Posted by Julie Davis on Jan-15-2020

Every day, it can feel like you have too much to do and not enough time to do it. So naturally, you try to cram it all in only to accomplish a quarter of what you set out to conquer. You can absolutely blame it on focus—with all the distractions we have nowadays (social media, to name one), it’s hard to stay the course. While we can’t add hours to your day, we can definitely offer some simple tips for doing away with distractions to help you stay focused and get more done.


No doubt, you’ve got a lot on your plate. You can lose focus just thinking about it. That’s why making to-do lists are so helpful—they help you focus on what’s next. When you make your list, prioritize the two or three most important tasks and put them at the top to get done first. This will allow you to take care of the big stuff while your brain is fresh and your energy levels are high. And be sure to reward yourself for each to-do you get done. You’ll feel more accomplished and ready to cross off what’s next on your list. Speaking of which, a few drops of our favorite CBD Oil is next on ours.


There are many benefits to meditation, both mental and physical. Meditating in the morning—even for just a few minutes—is a sure way to increase your general ability to focus because it requires you to concentrate and let go of unnecessary thoughts. By decluttering the mind, you can start your day with total clarity. To help you get into the meditation mindset, try rolling a little CBD Roll-On Oil on the back of your neck.


There used to be honor in multitasking. Now it’s just a sign that you’re someone who’s easily distracted. You may think you’re getting more done, but odds are you’re not giving things the attention they deserve. So, instead of watching Netflix while cooking dinner and checking your email as you do leg lifts (yes, we’ve actually done this), take a deep breath and take time for each activity individually.


Humor us here…You get a notification from Instagram. You check it, eager to see what your friends and followers are saying about your latest post. Fifteen minutes later, you find yourself scrolling deep in your feed, swiping through stories and watching an influencer video on how to stay focused…which you just have to tweet. Sound familiar? There’s a better way to get your daily dose of social media: in blocks. Try carving out 10 minutes after breakfast, 10 minutes after lunch and 10 minutes after dinner. By getting your social fix in blocks, you’ll wean yourself from the always-on temptation and maintain your focus without interruption.


Getting a Good Night’s Sleep is essential to helping you stay focused during the waking hours. Exercising during daylight, taking a hot shower before bed and creating a more relaxing bedroom environment can all help ensure your circadian rhythm gets back on track and you get the recommended 7-9 hours of shuteye.  

If you managed to read this without checking Instagram or turning your attention to your cuticles, congrats! Achieving better focus is going to be easier than you think.

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