4 skincare habits that can exacerbate breakouts

4 skincare habits that can exacerbate breakouts

Posted by CBD For Life on Jul-8-2020

If you have mild to moderate acne or any sort of spontaneous skin eruption (like a random breakout), there’s no doubt, your mission is to get rid of it—fast. So, naturally you race to the drugstore and buy every zit-zapping wash, cream and mask in sight in hopes they will work their proposed magic. Yet after trying them all, the results are anything but magical (and possibly even worse than when you started).

Clearing mild acne and occasional breakouts can be difficult. It not only takes finding the right products (with the right ingredients) for your skin, but it also requires commitment, like washing your face daily. But when you find the perfect product and you’re consistent with its usage, clearing mild acne and occasional breakouts is actually not as hard as it seems. Almost magical.

Read on to discover four possible reasons why you can’t clear your breakouts and the products (and new super star ingredient) that may just be your breakout-busting savior.


That drugstore run, where you bought seven different acne treatments, may be your breakout downfall. When you use multiple products with various ingredients, you’re most likely doing more harm than good. All of those different ingredients at once (benzoyl peroxide, salicylic acid, glycolic acid) can dry out and irritate the skin, which can aggravate current breakouts and even contribute to new ones. Instead, use one at a time and give it time. According to the American Academy of Dermatology, you need to use an acne treatment for at least 6 weeks. This allows it enough time for your skin to adapt and for the product to do its job correctly.

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Sometimes, especially after a late night Netflix binge, you just don’t have the energy to wash your face. And that’s okay, once in a while. But all too often, once in a while leads to all of the time and that’s when it becomes a problem. If you stop and think about what is actually on your skin come bedtime, you may drag yourself to the sink instead of under the sheets. Makeup, dirt, oil, grime, bacteria, airborne particles—the day builds up on your skin and if you don’t wash it off, the only place it has to go is deep into your pores. Skipping out on facial washing at the end of the day lays the groundwork for future acne flares and breakouts.


Exfoliating is fantastic for your skin and is highly recommended by dermatologists and estheticians alike. But if you have existing acne or occasional breakouts, over-exfoliating can create an even bigger problem—it can exacerbate your flare. Physical exfoliators with granular particles are the biggest offenders because of the potential irritation from over scrubbing. Chemical exfoliators, which typically contain alpha hydroxy acids, can help treat acne but too much, too often can lead to irritation.


The gratification is real. Let’s face it, popping a pimple is rewarding, especially when you think you got it all (score!). What you may not know is when you pop a zit, you’re most likely pushing some of what’s inside deeper into your skin, creating the perfect environment for more breakouts. With every squeeze, you’re also causing additional redness and irritation around the breakout, or in other words, increasing inflammation.

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Over the past few years , CBD has become the ingredient to watch as it relates to mild acne and breakouts. While no formal clinical trials have been conducted on CBD’s ability to clear breakouts (that we are aware of), the anecdotal evidence (straight from the people who use it) has been nothing short of stellar. CBD is an anti-inflammatory that also possesses some antibacterial benefits, which makes CBD a one-two punch ingredient against acne.

Acne is considered an inflammatory condition. When your pores are clogged, they become red and inflamed. CBD’s calming and soothing effect helps to quell inflammation, while its antibacterial properties help to cleanse the pores. Combine CBD with other proven active ingredients and you get a product that can help significantly reduce mild acne and spontaneous breakouts.  

CBD For Life’s CBD Face And Body Cleanser and CBD Face Cream are a winning combination for acne-prone skin and skin that experiences occasional breakouts. Start with the CBD cleanser, which contains 80mg of CBD, gentle cleansing acids (such as lauric and stearic), willow bark extract and lemon peel. It’s creamy texture is gentle on the skin and keeps skin feeling hydrated, never dry. Follow with the CBD face cream, which contains 100mg of CBD and moisture-boosting hyaluronic acid, among other naturally-sourced actives. Together, this combination can help to reduce the appearance of acne and keep blemishes at bay.

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