CBD and workout recovery: How does it help?

CBD and workout recovery: How does it help?

Posted by Victor Madril on Apr-18-2022

Working out is an important part of a healthy and active lifestyle, but what you do after your workout is just as important to yielding the results you want. Having a post workout routine that includes CBD will not only help you recover faster, but can also help maintain optimal energy levels.

With hundreds of case studies, along with a growing list of anecdotal evidence, the myriad of health benefits contributed to CBD can have a lasting effect on your workout recovery. Studies show that CBD can be used to reduce inflammation and may also limit fatigue, allowing your body to recover for its next workout.

Read on to explore the steps to take after your workout to maximize your gains and hopefully limit any discomfort with the help of CBD.

Drink water (and lots of it): Water helps control your body temperature, loosen your joints, improve muscle flexibility, and transport nutrients to create energy. Without water, your body will struggle to perform at its highest level. Rehydration is essential after any workout and even more so if you have just finished with an intense workout where you've broken a sweat. The more you rehydate after a workout, the less muscle soreness you will experience.

Stretching: It’s a great idea to stretch before and after your work out to increase blood flow. Stretching also circulates blood away from your muscles and back to your heart to aid in recovery.

Apply a topical CBD: After completing the proper stretches, you will find that applying a topical CBD is easy and absorbs quickly. It only needs to be applied to any area of discomfort or areas known for inflammation (knees, back, elbow). We highly recommend our Best Selling Rubs Or Roll-Ons to keep you moving and pain free post-workout.

Eat a healthy snack/take CBD oil: Plan to eat a healthy snack or meal Within 45 Minutes of completing your workout. This will help replenish muscle energy stores and start the recovery process. Eat foods that contain carbohydrates and protein. Carbs help to restore glycogen levels so you can recharge your energy levels. Protein aids in muscle recovery and provides amino acids that help to repair and rebuild muscles.[1] Take a dropperful of CBD Oil under the tongue. By consuming CBD oil in this manner, you are allowing the CBD oil to enter the bloodstream much quicker than attempting to swallow it right away.

Cold Shower or Soak: A lot of fitness experts will recommend a cold shower post workout so that your body is given a chance to heal and prevent inflammation. But you may also want to consider taking a nice warm soak with a CBD Bath Bomb. Our CBD Bath Bombs are the best way to unwind after a tough workout. We combine phytonutrient-rich CBD with essential minerals and aromatic essential oils to create the most relaxing, soothing and mind-clearing soak.

Following a post workout routine can be just as important as the workout itself. You want to give your muscles the proper chance to heal and restore energy levels. Adding CBD to this routine will help expedite the recovery process and will also lead to Better Sleep, an important factor in your overall health.


[1] https://www.healthline.com/health/exercise-fitness/what-to-do-after-working-out#takeaway

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