CBD Lip Balm: Your Winter Essential For Healthy Lips

CBD Lip Balm: Your Winter Essential For Healthy Lips

Posted by Victor Madril on Dec-28-2020

No matter how low the mercury dips over the next few months, we plan on making this winter a balmy one. And no, we’re not jetting off to the tropics. We’re talking about CBD Lip Balm, our must-have for protecting and pampering our lips for winter.

A little primer on why CBD lip balm works so well: CBD is an anti-inflammatory and your dry, chapped, red, peeling lips are the result of inflammation. Whipping winds, cold air, dry heat and excessive licking (in an attempt to soothe your lips) are the reasons why your lips are chapping. Since we can’t control Mother Nature, we can control how we treat our lips. Here’s why you want to tuck a CBD Lip Balm into every purse, pocket, backpack and nightstand.


The moment you apply our CBD Lip Balm you will feel the relief—soft and soothed. CBD takes a strong stance against three main contributors to damaged lips. It’s anti-inflammatory, which means it can help reduce redness and irritation on and around your lips. It’s antibacterial, which means it contains essential compounds that protect lips. And lastly, it’s a wonderful antioxidant to help ward off the harsh winter elements that contribute to all of the chapping and peeling.


Let’s talk about the ingredients surrounding the CBD in our CBD Lip Balm. Coconut oil and shea butter are two of the best and most effective emollients to ensure lips are not only hydrated but protected. Both are rich in fatty acids, lock in moisture and deliver anti-inflammatory benefits to help calm, soothe and soften lips. Apply generously throughout the day and load it on like a lip mask at night for noticeable healing come morning.


Made with many of the same ingredients as our CBD lip balm, plus additional skin-conditioning oils, The Highest Shine Lip Oil delivers hydration and nourishment with a touch of shine. A triple threat to brutal winter weather, it soothes, softens and seals in moisture. For double the benefits, try layering the two: CBD Lip Balm topped with CBD Lip Oil for added hydration, nourishment and protection—and the bonus of a silky sheen.

Victor Madril

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