Choosing To Be Active with the help of CBD For Life

Choosing To Be Active with the help of CBD For Life

Posted by Elaine Allsopp on Aug-9-2021

My name is Barbara Marsh and I have osteoarthritis (OA). I first started showing signs in my mid to late 20s. When the kids were small, I used to make their clothes. Sewing in our damp basement is when the symptoms of my osteoarthritis (OA), first started becoming more noticeable.

I have been using CBD For Life products for over 5 years now. I use the CBD Lavender Rub multiple times a day. Recently I tried the CBD Vanilla Rub and just love it! I put the Lavender Rub on my hands with cotton gloves and sleep at night. I find it helps me fall asleep easier and because it soaks into my hands all night, when I wake up, my hands feel much better!

I try and walk every day and I can’t imagine how I would be able to go as far as I can without first applying the CBD rub on my knees beforehand.

I use the CBD Topical Spray on my lower back in the morning before I get dressed and I see a big improvement throughout my day.

I have been an oil painter for over 20 years and my hands have really taken the brunt of this artistic passion. I still paint every week, even though my hands hurt, I can get 4-5 hours in before the cramping starts. Between gardening and painting, I absolutely can’t live without using the Rubs on my hands!

I try very hard, to remind myself, that today is a good day and with these wonderful pain-relieving products, I can keep on going! I am truly thankful every day for CBD For Life.

managing osteoarthritis with the help of cbd
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