How CBD Changed My Life

How CBD Changed My Life

Posted by Victor Madril on Mar-4-2020

One Woman’s Journey to Finding Relief from Anxiety

Ever since I was a little girl, I’ve suffered from anxiety. I always had this sinking feeling that something bad was going to happen or that someone was out to get me (irrational, I know). I let these negative thoughts consume me to the point where my anxiety started to get the best of me.

It seems anxiety is pretty common these days. I’ve noticed a lot of my friends and family experience several different types of anxiety. And although anxiety is common, it doesn’t make it any easier for me (or anyone) to deal with. Anxiety can be crushing, isolating and scary—anxiety is real.

Like most people, I tried a million different things to relieve my never-ending paranoid feeling—therapists and essential oils to calming teas and melatonin almost every night. Nothing could fully put my racing mind to rest. I felt like I was running out of options, with the only choice left being medication, which is a road I personally didn’t want to take.

Just when I thought I hit a dead end, my wishes were answered. I stumbled up CBD For Life while browsing Instagram (@Cbdforlife). I didn’t know much about CBD, but a few of their posts piqued my interest, so I did my homework. After discovering the incredible benefits of CBD and reading countless success stories, I finally had hope. Could CBD be my answer?

cbd oil from cbd for life

I started taking the CBD For Life 600mg Peppermint Tincture and within days noticed a difference. My racing mind began to slow down and I was finally able to power through my entire day without feeling anxious. To be fair, I still suffer from anxiety at times, however it’s not nearly as debilitating and I find my mind is so much calmer (no more racing or irrational thoughts). I’m also able to sleep at night with ease.

CBD For Life: How This Brand Helped Me Manage My Anxiety

One thing I realized when taking CBD: consistency is key. You wouldn't stop an antibiotic half way through your treatment? It’s the same with CBD. You have to stay consistent to reap the greatest benefits. Now I take CBD life oil morning and night and that’s made all the difference.  

CBD has been a game changer. Or in my case, a life changer. Cheers to CBD.

Victor Madril

Bachelors Degree in Business Management with a demonstrated history of working in the health, wellness and Cannabis industries. One of the original founders of CBD For Life with a passion in human optimization. Worked in the Cannabis industry for 7+ years where I gained first hand knowledge of dealing with patients and recognizing the healing benefits of this amazing plant. If I am not golfing…. I am dreaming about it.
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