How To Make CBD A Part Of Your Daily Routine

How To Make CBD A Part Of Your Daily Routine

Posted by Victor Madril on Mar-3-2021

Let’s face it—routines can sometimes end up being anything but routine. Like a new exercise routine, for example. You start strong, going for a run every morning for a few weeks, only to oversleep one day, and get swamped with work the next. And that face mask you promised yourself you’d do three times a week? It’s gathering dust in the bottom of a drawer.

Making a habit out of CBD, on the other hand, is effortless. Why? Because you can make it a part of what you’re already doing every day.

To get the maximum benefit of CBD, consistency is key. CBD interacts with your endocannabinoid system (ECS), which is your body’s vast network of cell receptors. Your ECS helps regulate everything from appetite and mood, to memory and sleep. Using CBD daily keeps those receptors stimulated, which brings the body into balance, or homeostasis. And when your body is in balance, you happily reap the benefits.

Here are some simple solutions for getting your daily dose of CBD:


What could be easier than dripping a little CBD Oil under your tongue once or twice a day? First thing in the morning (right into your coffee!) or right before bed—or both—take one dropper-full of oil or work your way up until you feel the desired effects. Daily use will keep your ECS engaged and your body balanced. We like to leave a bottle on our nightstand so we never forget to drip our drops before we go to bed.



Now you can maintain healthy and smooth skin, while keeping your body in balance at the same time. Our CBD Body Lotion and CBD Rubs make your daily dosing of CBD a cinch. Out of the shower, swap your regular body moisturizer for a CBD-infused hydrator. Your arms, legs, feet and yes, even your brain, will thank you. Next to your CBD Oil on your nightstand, leave our Lavender Rub. Apply it to your back or the back of your neck for a dreamy night of zzz’s.


So maybe you’re not a daily moisturizer. Or maybe dropping some CBD oil into your morning joe isn’t your cup of tea. In the evening, when you need an escape from your hectic day, take a sumptuous soak with a CBD-Infused Bath Bomb for a well-deserved dose of chill before bedtime.

Victor Madril

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