The anatomy of a Bath Bomb

The anatomy of a CBD Bath Bomb

In recent years, CBD bath bombs have become self-care’s luxury equivalent to a glass of bubbling champagne (minus the price tag). Their popularity is evident by the endless amount of Instagram posts displaying the oddly satisfying, effervescent fizz created when you drop one into a bathtub.

But what is it about bath bombs that makes them the new must-have? Their bubbling effervescence is part of the allure, but the remarkable benefits you reap while soaking is the real reason for their rise in popularity. CBD Bath Bombs are so much more than their mesmerizing fizz. It’s what’s released from the bubbles that makes them so beneficial—for the skin and soul. Here, we break down the sum of a bath bomb’s parts to better understand the benefits as a whole.


For the most part, almost all bath bombs contain sodium bicarbonate and citric acid (we’ll get to the chemistry lesson on that a little later). In addition, almost all are formulated with mineral salts, essential oils and skin-soothing actives. All four of CBD For Life’s Bath Bombs contain all of the above and CBD, with a few nuances when it comes to salts and essential oils.

For the sake of this blog, we’re going to break down the CBD-infused Pink Salt and Citrus Bath Bomb, which is our most in-demand. Along with the sodium bicarbonate and citric acid, it contains 35mg of CBD isolate. CBD isolate is the crystalline powder form of CBD, which means it contains no other plant matter, including THC. CBD, as you may know, is a powerful anti-inflammatory that helps to relieve pain and tension, as well as calm and soothe skin irritation. It also contains Himalyan Pink Salt, which is mineral rich and aids in both detoxification and skin hydration, and shea butter as a skin emollient. Essential oils of helichrysum and bergamot provide skin rejuvenating, purifying and soothing benefits, as well as aromatherapeutic benefits. The scent of bergamot is mood elevating in that it helps to calm and reduce tension—perfect after a hectic day at home or in the office.

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When you drop your bath bomb into the water, it instantly creates a wildly effervescent boil. The oddly satisfying fizz is the result of sodium bicarbonate reacting with the citric acid. When dry, the two ingredients are stable. But when water comes into play, there’s a chemical reaction that forms a carbon dioxide gas, which creates the oh-so-satisfying bubbling. As the bath bomb bobs and fizzes in the water, it releases the additional ingredients secured inside, like the CBD, salts and essential oils. The fizzing stops once the bath bomb is completely dissolved.


To reap the benefits of a CBD-infused bath bomb, or any bath bomb for that matter, you need to soak for at least 20 minutes. While that may feel like a lifetime, it’s actually part of what makes a bath bomb so enjoyable. Embrace the experience by creating a playlist, dimming the lights and enjoying an uninterrupted 20 minutes of tub time. The results are mind-clearing and skin-calming—the exact reason for the bath bomb popularity rise.

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