What makes a good CBD brand, dive in and we will tell you

What makes a good CBD brand, dive in and we will tell you

Posted by Victor Madril on Nov-16-2021

Staying ahead in a competitive and regulated industry. 

When CBD first hit the market, a lot of questions were raised. What is CBD? Where does it come from? Is it legal in my state? 

But the real question starts with the company. Can I trust your product? Are your labels correct? Is this hemp seed extract or Cannabidiol extract? 

Along with the extraction process, these are still very important questions to ask yourself when choosing a CBD Brand. For example, Hemp has a way of pulling toxins and heavy metals from the soil, which makes it a fantastic plant for farming and purifying soil, but also a hazard when it comes to extracting oil. 

To make sure you have the cleanest extraction, look for a CO2 extraction. This is the style of extraction that we use and it prevents heavy metals transferring from the plant to the oil. 

There are other ways to purge these metals with temperature and pressure in extraction, so you want to make sure that the company you choose knows what it’s doing or how to properly source the oil. 

Research and Development

Once you have a pure CBD oil, the next question to ask yourself is how was the product developed? Was CBD just poured into an existing product? Or was it developed from the ground up with a chemist or cosmetic specialist? 

You’ll find that a lot of CBD companies don’t try to formulate a product, but instead add CBD oil to an already existing product. This won’t always work as well and can give customers a poor experience with CBD. When CBD has truly helped hundreds of thousands of people each year. 


The big CBD BOOM was 2018 and then continued in 2019 after the Farm Bill passed, legalizing Industrial Hemp and its extracts containing less that .03% THC. Today we’ve seen hundreds of CBD companies come and go, and not many can say they’re still standing since February of 2015 like CBD For Life. Or that they are women owned and operated since the beginning.

We’ve faced regulation after regulation, and set back after set back. And then a pandemic! 

We are beyond proud of our team and customer supporters that helped us make this happen. Most of which continue to spread information about CBD and CBD For Life by word of mouth marketing,  which got us on our feet! We wouldn’t be here today without your support. 

We can’t advertise like most companies. Because cannabis is considered a federally illegal drug and Hemp gets unfairly thrown in too. Some social media site, magazines, TV Networks, and billboards have regulations that make it difficult or even impossible to advertise.


This might be the most important aspect you can find in a CBD company. It is easy to get ahold of someone? What is the milligram content in their product? Where do they source their oil? Ask yourself these questions before choosing a brand you trust with your CBD. 

With CBD For Life, you can find all of our test results here: Testing

our hemp farm in colorado


Lastly, the proof is in the product. We can talk all we want about the benefits of CBD, but if we can’t deliver that, then there is no reason to talk about it. 

We provide CBD from a CO2 cold press Extraction and have a chemist formulate our products from the ground up. Originally to treat back pain, with a side effect of beautiful glowing skin. 

For some customers, it’s like night and day with our CBD RUB or Foot Cream. 

With over 5,000 5-Star reviews, you’ll want to give our products a try if you haven’t already. 

Great Customer Service 😉

The human element is key. 

We have live customer service Monday - Friday from 9am - 5pm (MST) via email, telephone, chat, live chat, and order messages. This helps customers ask questions about the product or an order, get recommendations, or talk to an agent for more information about CBD and how it can work for them, friends, and family. 

Providing education and making a transition into CBD wellness as comfortable as possible is our mission and helping you find relief is our goal. We hope you give it a try! 

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