We pride ourselves on the purity and potency of our CBD


We pride ourselves on the purity and potency of our CBD. We are a wellness and self-care brand rooted in the cannabis industry, not a wellness and self-care brand riding the CBD wave. Our founders have a deep understanding of the industry and have played a vital role in moving the cannabis conversation forward. Where we source our hemp to how it’s processed is incredibly important to us.

We partner with a small, boutique farm in Colorado that is USDA certified organic and practices sustainable farming. You can learn more about their standards and our commitment to quality, below.


We source our CBD from hemp grown in Colorado at a USDA certified organic farm that uses sustainable farming practices. We have a longstanding relationship with our farm and consider everyone who works there family. We have complete confidence in both their farming practices and processing operations, and plan to continue to partner with them as our brand (and demand) grows.


Field preparation before planting is one of the most important steps to growing hemp (when you care for the soil, the plants flourish). Two techniques used at the farm we source from are disking the field and planting a cover crop, both of which help to rebuild and regenerate the soil season after season.

Disking is a soil preparation practice that typically follows plowing. Disking breaks up large clumps of soil left behind after plowing, which helps to improve soil granulation and surface uniformity.Cover crop is a specific plant, such as winter wheat, that is grown primarily for the benefit of the soil, not for the crop yield. Cover crops are commonly used to suppress weeds, manage soil erosion, create biodiversity within the soil, and help build and improve soil fertility and quality.


High quality hemp starts with good seed genetics. Our farm has strict standards for the seeds they select so every grow is as pure and potent as the next.  

High Germination Rate: When seeds have a high germination rate, they are more likely to "pop"(or, open and grow), which means the farm yields an extremely successful grow.  Feminized Seeds: In cannabis plants, the only one to produce "flower" is the female plant. Flower produced by females contain high concentrations of cannabinoids.  Always Organic: In order to maintain their organic status, our farm only uses organic seeds.  


Testing the hemp is done throughout the grow, as well as during and after processing to ensure compliance with current state and federal regulations. Our independent ISO/IEC accredited third-party lab tests for potency, microbials, heavy metals, and pesticides (on plants and concentrated oils) to ensure the highest quality CBD.You can learn more about our testing and access our lab reports here.


We chose to partner with a small, boutique farm for many reasons, one of which for how they harvest. Our farm hand harvests, which allows for the maximum yield of each plant. The delicate process of hand harvesting alsokeeps the resin-rich trichomes intact. Trichomes are the part of the plant that carry a high concentration of cannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids.


The farm we partner with provides a 360-degree approach to extraction and distillation. Their state of the art facility is certified by the US Department of Agriculture and is in the process of receiving a GMP / ISO 9000 and Organic Handlers certification. Creating isolate, which is the form of CBD we currently use in our products, requires a 3-step process.

1. Crude: In order to create an organic natural plant-based extract, our farm uses organic sugar cane alcohol (ethanol) to produce their first pass of crude oil. They additionally winterize the crude in order to separate the unwanted plant waxes from the oil. Winterizing is the process of soaking the CBD extract in ethanol and freezing it to help separate the CBD from the waxes and fats that come naturally to the plant.

2. Distillate: Once they produce the crude oil, they process it again to drive up the potency of the CBD, as well as further clean the oil. These distillation and refinement steps can be repeated several times until a pure oil is obtained.  

3. Isolate: Creating quality CBD isolate begins with quality distillate. Once the distillate is ready for isolate production, the oil is then put under high amounts of pressure. This pressure helps to separate the CBD from the rest of the distillate. Once this process is complete, a beautiful, crystallized powder (isolate) forms.