Our 4 Most Essential Oils

Our 4 Most Essential Oils

The first use of essential oils and botanicals can be traced way back over 5,000 years to ancient Egypt. In addition to cultivating them for medicinal purposes, the most common use was as aromatics for the mummification process (it’s probably safe to say a bouquet of cinnamon, cedar and juniper wafting through the air made that process a little more heavenly).

Fast forward to present day, and essential oils are used to ease stress, soothe pain and even repel insects. Derived from the roots, leaves and flowers of plants, the benefits of essential oils can be delivered aromatically, topically and orally.

CBD For Life Rubs

When we developed our CBD For Life Rubs  And Roll-Ons, we were looking to enhance the wellness power of our already potent CBD. By infusing the essential oils of lavender, lemongrass, clove, and vanilla into our formulas, our products are able to provide both therapeutic and aromatherapeutic benefits. Here’s a closer look at these three amazing essential oils.

CBD Lavender Rub

One of the most versatile and widely used essential oils, lavender essential oil can help manage anxiety, depression and insomnia. It’s also known to have anti-inflammatory properties and detoxifying effects. With such a wide range of potential benefits—and a scent that instantly transports you to the French countryside—it’s no wonder lavender essential oil is what powers our best-selling CBD Lavender Rub.

CBD Lemongrass Rub

Being in the health and beauty business, we’re no strangers to lemongrass essential oil. With a fresh, citrusy scent, it often serves an aromatherapeutic purpose. Inhaling the scent of lemongrass essential oil, or when used topically, can help relieve headaches, reduce inflammation and aid digestion. But the benefits don’t stop there. Loaded with terpenes, alkaloids and flavonoids—all good stuff for the mind and body—lemongrass essential oil has been found to help with anxiety, alleviate stress and even act as a powerful antifungal. Our CBD Lemongrass Rub is the perfect way to bring the healing and pain-relieving power of CBD plus lemongrass with you anywhere.

CBD Original Rub

Clove is one of our favorite essential oils. In fact, it’s what’s infused into our CBD Original Rub and CBD Original Roll-On. Why do we love it so? Versatility. Clove not only delivers therapeutic health benefits, but it makes for an exotic, nutritional, delicious cooking spice, brimming with minerals like manganese, vitamin C and fiber. As an essential oil, clove has been found to help strengthen the immune system, reduce inflammation and ease digestion. All this, and it smells absolutely divine.

CBD Vanilla Rub

Is the primary component of the vanilla bean extract, which is rich in antioxicants and has anti-inflammatory properties.

Whether you’re new to essential oils or they’ve been an essential part of your wellness routine for years, there’s no doubting their powerful therapeutic and aromatherapeutic benefits. And when coupled with our pure CBD, you’ve got something even more potent—right in the palm of your hand.

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